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Retaining walls for your Property

Jane Eyles-Bennett - Wednesday, September 30, 2015

For many properties, retaining walls are a necessity, preventing erosion and stabilising filled areas. There’s no need, however, for these structural elements to look unattractive. Using the right type of retaining wall and material can really add to the aesthetic appeal of your garden and yard. (Read More)

Investors - Renovating for Student Accommodation

Jane Eyles-Bennett - Thursday, September 24, 2015

Providing rental accommodation for students is somewhat different to catering for the 'usual' tenant. However, if you do it well; you’ll have students lining up for your property for years to come.  (Read More)

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Choosing a property to renovate

The current state of the property market has stopped many people, especially investors, in their tracks. Since many investors rely solely on capital growth, now is not a pretty time for them.

If you are willing to step outside of the box of ‘what everyone else is doing’, now is the BEST time to be picking up a bargain or using your existing properties to carry out a renovation and make money that way. The trick however is in selecting the right property to renovate.

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