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Modernising a brick home - no rendering required

Jane Eyles-Bennett - Thursday, June 22, 2017

Do you have a brick home that’s in need of a bit of a facelift? Perhaps the colour or style of brick is starting to look a bit dated and in need of modernising. Most homeowners assume the only way to update a brick home is by rendering it, but there are other ways. (Read More)

How to choose the colours and finishes for your home

Jane Eyles-Bennett - Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Probably the best part about renovating or building is choosing the colours and finishes. It’s exciting to have the freedom to choose exactly what you want, isn’t it? But it can be a bit overwhelming too. (Read More)

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...fantastic results without the massive price tag." Having Hotspace do a tailored Renovation Action Plan for me was a life saver. We had had a bad experience with some tenants who destroyed our property - but being armed with my Hotspace design re..

Old Castle Hill Rd, Sydney, NSW

Helen Bednar bought this property in Sydneys' Castle Hill. She had some ideas of what she wanted to do to the property, so called on Hotspace to develop these ideas, fill in the detail and generally steer her in the right direction to make sure the end result was just as she'd envisaged.
Not being located near to the Hotspace office, Helen took 100 or so photos of her property and then sent them to us via email.

Once received, as well as discussing the photographs themselves, we discussed the property 'profile' in detail as well as specifically what she wanted to achieve.

From there, we wrote her Renovation Action Plan and this was sent through to her a week or so later.
Helen's renovation bible was her Renovation Action Plan. She referred to it for all product and colour choices so she knew exactly what to buy and how to instruct her trades-people. AND she knew what to renovate - and what not to touch for the best outcome for her budget.
If you've got a property you're considering renovating and would like to discuss it with us - send us a PRELIMINARY ENQUIRY now.
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